My desire to establish a music performance academy was cultivated over several decades of musical life experience encompassing years of formal training, membership in a number of distinguished symphony orchestras/chamber ensembles, and participation in a host of internationally-recognized music festivals.

Born into a family of talented musicians, I never had to look far for musical inspiration. My father was a classically trained performer and educator who wasted no time in introducing his children to the world of music. As a very young child, I recall watching my father teach my older brothers how to play the violin, and wanting nothing more than to follow in their footsteps and receive training of my own. Fortunately, I would not have to wait long to embark on my own musical journey. At the ripe age of six, I began taking lessons with my father at the National Conservatory of music in my hometown of Santo Domingo. For years thereafter, I observed the tireless dedication and compassion with which my dad instructed each of his students, regardless of their individual backgrounds or skill levels. His dogged commitment to creating a warm and inclusive educational environment devoted to fostering high level performance ability continues to serve as one of my most profound inspirations.

The second phase of my musical evolution commenced when I immigrated to the United States after being awarded a prestigious scholarship that granted me the invaluable opportunity to study under the tutelage of the world renowned violinist and recording artist Dame Ida Haendel. From here I went on to continue my studies at the Peabody Conservatory of Music at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

My most recent inspiration, and the closest to my heart, is the strength and support that I receive daily from my wife Valeria, who I call my “muse”. To be able to see our two wonderful children, Leonardo and Cecilia, grow into well-rounded, compassionate human beings in a healthy environment is a blessing beyond measure; and one that we hope to share with as many families as possible.

Over the course of my musical career, I have had the opportunity to play a role in many exciting engagements, and have had the privilege of meeting many incredible individuals, but of all the experiences that this life has afforded me, none have provided the same level of fulfillment or personal satisfaction as those in which I have been able to teach others and spread my love for music. Using all of the knowledge that I have acquired over years of teaching in schools, music camps, and festivals in the U.S. and abroad, I hope to create an environment where students will be able to expand their learning capacity, technique, artistry and musicianship.

At Vivace music academy, it is our mission to equip students with the skills and guidance necessary to make prudent and thoughtful decisions that will enable them to succeed in any and all of their future endeavors

Our professional staff will guide families through the process of choosing the right instrument for their child(ren). We teach and mentor all of our students as if they will become professional musicians one day; it is the most proven and effective method of ensuring that our students stay motivated and engaged, regardless of whether music is their primary focus, or merely a hobby. Creating a healthy musical community is very important to us.