Join us for a week of virtual master classes with our experienced and enthusiastic musicians from a diverse background and knowledge, helping you achieve your musical goals to master the art of music auditions.

Learn to prepare for your next audition or performance (All State/All County, Middle & High School Auditions, Camps, scholarships, and competitions), through techniques that will help you become the independent thinkers you wish to become as a young musicians.

When you go to an audition, what you want to do is make a lasting impression. You also want to make sure to select the appropriate piece, you want play with certain amount of energy and show them that you are trained to make wise musical choices, meaningful to the excerpt presented for your instrument, it is important to have a clear understanding of your pieces or excerpts for which most of the time you will only have few minutes to show how well prepared you are. As a result Judges will leave your audition with you in their mind.

This master class will help throughout the process, to create and prepare you to achieve your best results in auditions from overcoming anxiety to achieving total focus, our instructors will share their tips and expertise to help you be successful in your next auditions or performance.

PRICE: $ 150

DATE: JULY 13th – July 17th

TIME: 10:00AM  / 11:30AM – EST

AUDIENCE: Middle & High School – STRINGS & PIANO