Music Lessons for Adults

It is NEVER too late to learn the language of music.  It is a Universal Language, and the difference between the language we speak and the language of music is that we use symbols instead of letters.

At Vivace Music Academy you can make your dream come true and show you how easy and effortless the study of music can be for you at any age.

Do you have a busy work or traveling schedule?

No worries.  We can always customize a program just for you, we have a flexible time schedule from Mondays through Saturday.

Are you busy and have no time for practicing?

It is ok.  We give our busy adults a great foundation during their weekly scheduled classes. There is no pressure and no need to spend hours practicing, unless you would like to showcase your skill and accomplishments in front of an audience.

Are you obligated to participate in any of our performing events?

It is up to you, no pressure, all events are optional.  You and your teacher decide whether you are ready and/or desire to participate in our performing events.  We recommend this experience for both, adults and children, not only because our events are fun but also because performing for others builds confidence, helps you set and accomplish goals.

No instrument at home?

You can conveniently schedule your FREE practicing sessions at the Academy on any of our instruments or you can lease an instrument at low monthly payments, we can help you to pick up the right instrument.

How fast can you learn to play a musical instrument?

To be proficient and to read music effortlessly require approximately 6 months to a year of regular music lessons.  Much of what you would like to take from this experience depends on you and your commitment and consistency to weekly scheduled classes.

Why take music lessons as an adult?

Music Lessons have been proven to have significant benefits to overall mental, emotional, and social well-being. Learning something new that you enjoy, such as taking music lessons, can be a great way to enrich your life and can provide relief from the stress of a hectic work week. Imagine… by this time next year, you could be playing your favorite music or even a Happy Birthday to that special someone…  Yes, you will be fluent in music language!  That is a powerful realization and a true gift that keeps on giving for years to come!    Your will inspire people around you!

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